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Interview Igniter is a collection of AI-based practice tools designed to help job seekers excel in interviews. Designed for ambitious tech professionals—from software engineers to product managers—who want to excel not just technically, but as future industry leaders. Our AI-driven platform offers a robust interview simulation that fine-tunes your skills, adapts to your learning curve, and provides detailed feedback, propelling you towards your dream job.

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"The coaching from this tool has been outstanding! I input a job description and received pertinent interview questions. What impressed me most was the detailed feedback I got after recording my answer — both video and audio. It highlighted strengths and areas for improvement with actionable advice. I'm eager to practice more questions and use the insights to prepare for my upcoming interview."

Mark Gordon
CEO of Diviner

"Interview Igniter has helped me to define the story I want to tell potential employers. Having the ability to get feedback on your audio and video performance is fantastic!"

Kevin Giles
Development Manager

"Navigating interviews used to be my biggest challenge, but changed the game. Their targeted questions based on job descriptions have boosted my preparation and confidence. What I especially value is the real-time feedback on my audio and video responses, offering insights and actionable steps to refine my skills. For those grappling with interview anxiety, I can't recommend this platform enough. It's user-friendly, effective, and truly supportive."

Esther Saint Eloi
Customer Success Manager

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Prepare for any interview scenario with our comprehensive question bank including a wide range of industry-specific questions plus actual interview questions asked by leading tech companies like Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, and more to boost your confidence and improve your performance.

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Gain the knowledge and practice you need to excel in your next interview.

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Get personalized feedback and tips to enhance your interview skills.

Master Whiteboard Interviews with our Coding Prep Tool

Our Coding Interview Tool provides a simulated interview experience, helping you practice and improve your coding skills.

Tailored Learning Experience

Select from various categories, difficulties, and programming languages to focus on areas where you need the most practice, ensuring a customized approach to enhance your coding prowess.

Interactive Guidance

Benefit from the ability to request hints during practice sessions, providing you with just enough information to advance through challenging problems without stalling your learning progress.

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Get Immediate, Tailored Feedback for Every Interview Answer

Practice how to position and sell yourself daily. Stop worrying and wondering about your interview performance. Gain a competitive edge with Interview Igniter's Interview Simulator. You'll get immediate personalized feedback on your responses, allowing you to transform common interview questions from hurdles into stepping stones towards your dream job.

Enhanced by Conversation Intelligence
Stop leaving your interviews to chance. Harness the power of Conversation Intelligence with Interview Igniter's advanced CI tools. Analyze your communication in real-time, receive nuanced feedback, and ensure every word counts.
Interview Coming Up Soon? We've Got You Covered!
No need to wait for a scheduled coaching session. Our 24/7 AI lets you engage with mock interviews as per your convenience. With insights from popular interview methodologies, we help you refine and perfect your responses, ensuring you're always prepared.
Hone Your Skills with Questions Used by Top Employers
Our mock interviews draw from the wisdom of seasoned recruitment professionals. All our questions and responses are curated by recruiters and hiring managers from top-tier tech companies, ensuring you get the most authentic, relevant practice possible.
Emotion Analysis: The Secret Ingredient to Interview Mastery
Our AI measures not just what you say, but how you say it. Our Emotion Analysis feature evaluates how you present. It can analyze the emotions in your voice or facial expressions, helping you understand and improve how you present yourself during an interview.
Vidal Graupera

The Expertise Fueling Your Interview Success

Interview Igniter was created by Vidal Graupera, a former engineering manager at LinkedIn and Uber with over 20 years of experience hiring. He's authored bestselling books like The Engineering Managers Interview Guide and hosts a popular podcast helping managers ace interviews.


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Be confident and prepared to ace any interview situation. Our AI-powered Interview Simulator mimics real interviews so you can practice and master your responses.

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