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InterviewIgniter is your trusted guide for interview preparation. Our AI-companion provides real-time feedback so you can continuously improve. We're with you every step of the way, building your skills and confidence so you can ace every interview.

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Prepare Effectively and Efficiently

Instant Feedback on your Interview Responses

Practice how to position and sell yourself daily. Stop worrying and wondering about your interview performance. Gain a competitive edge with Interview Igniter's Interview Simulator. You'll get immediate personalized feedback on your responses, allowing you to transform common interview questions from hurdles into stepping stones towards your dream job.

Transform Preparation Into Performance
Stop leaving your interviews to chance. With Interview Igniter's AI-guided mock interviews, transform uncertainties into your strengths. Our instant feedback on your responses changes interview challenges into clear paths to success.
Got an Interview Tomorrow? No Problem!
No need to wait for a scheduled coaching session. Our 24/7 AI lets you engage with mock interviews as per your convenience. With insights from popular interview methodologies, we help you refine and perfect your responses, ensuring you're always prepared.
Practice using Real-World Questions
Our mock interviews draw from the wisdom of seasoned recruitment professionals. All our questions and responses are curated by recruiters and hiring managers from top-tier tech companies, ensuring you get the most authentic, relevant practice possible.
Emotion Analysis: A Game-Changer
Our AI measures not just what you say, but how you say it. Our Emotion Analysis feature evaluates how you present. It can analyze the emotions in your voice or facial expressions, helping you understand and improve how you present yourself during an interview.
Vidal Graupera

Expertise behind Interview Igniter

Interview Igniter was created by Vidal Graupera, a former engineering manager at LinkedIn and Uber with over 20 years of experience hiring. He's authored bestselling books like The Engineering Managers Interview Guide and hosts a popular podcast helping managers ace interviews.


Hear from our users about their experience.

“Interview Igniter has helped me to define the story I want to tell potential employers. Having the ability to get feedback on your audio and video performance is fantastic!”

Kevin G.
Development Manager

“The coaching from this tool has been outstanding! I input a job description and received pertinent interview questions. What impressed me most was the detailed feedback I got after recording my answer — both video and audio. It highlighted strengths and areas for improvement with actionable advice. I'm eager to practice more questions and use the insights to prepare for my upcoming interview.”

Mark G.
CEO of Diviner

The Question Bank

Boost your interview preparation with our extensive range of questions and answers

Our comprehensive Question Bank offers a wide range of questions and example answers, tailored to different job roles and categories. It's a resource designed to enhance your response strategy, giving you the confidence to tackle any question. Whether you're looking to sharpen your leadership skills, improve your communication prowess, or hone your problem-solving abilities, our Question Bank is here for you.

Get Interview-Ready with Mock AI Interviews

Be confident and prepared to ace any interview situation. Our AI-powered Interview Simulator mimics real interviews so you can practice and master your responses.

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