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What Our Users Are Saying

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“The coaching from this tool has been outstanding! I input a job description and received pertinent interview questions. What impressed me most was the detailed feedback I got after recording my answer — both video and audio. It highlighted strengths and areas for improvement with actionable advice. I'm eager to practice more questions and use the insights to prepare for my upcoming interview.”

Mark Gordon
CEO of Diviner

“Interview Igniter has helped me to define the story I want to tell potential employers. Having the ability to get feedback on your audio and video performance is fantastic!”

Kevin Giles
Development Manager

“Navigating interviews used to be my biggest challenge, but changed the game. Their targeted questions based on job descriptions have boosted my preparation and confidence. What I especially value is the real-time feedback on my audio and video responses, offering insights and actionable steps to refine my skills. For those grappling with interview anxiety, I can't recommend this platform enough. It's user-friendly, effective, and truly supportive.”

Esther Saint Eloi
Customer Success Manager

Frequently asked questions

Interview Igniter utilizes proprietary interview preparation knowledge based on years of real-world experience beyond what ChatGPT can offer. Our system has been explicitly engineered to simulate real job interviews and provide tailored feedback for improvement. Developing Interview Igniter's capabilities has required extensive research and experimentation with advanced AI techniques. Additionally, we use additional models to enable nuanced analysis of response content, delivery, speech patterns, and facial expressions. In short, Interview Igniter represents hundreds of hours of research and development focused on creating an AI-powered interview simulator. Using ChatGPT alone would not produce comparable results or functionality without massive effort and AI expertise.