Navigating Coding Interviews: A Software Engineering Manager's Survival Guide

Navigating Coding Interviews: A Software Engineering Manager's Survival Guide

By Vidal Graupera on 11/13/2023

Navigating the Technical Challenges in Engineering Manager Interviews

In the world of software engineering management, the interview process can often include a daunting hurdle: the coding interview. If you haven't been coding or interviewing for a while, I strongly advise you to study for a few months for this part of the interviews. Think of it as something like the SAT or GMAT for college entrance.

Why Coding Interviews Matter for Managers

You might find it surprising, but even for managerial positions, companies often assess your coding prowess. This more technical section is often about data structures and programming challenges that managers and engineers do not deal with in real life. This isn't just a technical evaluation; it's an insight into how deeply you understand the nuts and bolts of the projects you'll be overseeing.

The Myth of "Easy" Coding Questions

Don't be misled by recruiters downplaying the coding aspect. Contrary to what some will tell you, there is also little or no credit for effort, or obvious brute-force solutions. Expect that you need to produce a working solution using algorithms with a decent time and space complexity and appropriate data structures in approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour. Well-calibrated panelists will have asked the same question to many other candidates, including senior and staff-level engineers, so your answer will be judged in comparison.

The Human Element in Coding Interviews

Beyond the code, your interaction with the interviewer is crucial. Your approach to problem-solving, how you communicate, and how you handle hints or guidance are all under scrutiny. It's not just what you do, but how you do it that counts. A coding interview isn't supposed to be a trick interview where you as a candidate tell the interviewer they are wrong. The interviewer is definitely there to give you correct hints.

The Importance of Confidence and Connection

Your demeanor can make or break your interview. I failed a coding interview because I was unable to connect with the interviewer, even though I managed to deliver a working solution before time ran out. I've also passed coding interviews where my answer was not so great, but I connected well with the interviewer. Again, you must solve the problem, but don't focus on it so much that you become oblivious to human factors.

Preparation is Key

Treat your preparation as if you're aiming for a senior or staff software engineer role. Familiarize yourself with a wide range of problems and practice extensively. Use resources like AlgoExpert, LeetCode, CareerCup, Interview Cake, and GitHub repositories like Coding Interview University for comprehensive preparation. Additionally, consider leveraging Interview Igniter Coding Interviews at Interview Igniter for a tailored learning experience:

  • Tailored Learning Experience: Customize your practice sessions by choosing from a variety of categories, difficulties, and programming languages. This personalized approach allows you to concentrate on areas where you need the most improvement, ensuring a more effective enhancement of your coding skills.

  • Interactive Guidance: During your practice sessions, you have the option to request hints. This feature provides just the right amount of assistance to help you navigate through tough problems, ensuring that your learning process remains dynamic and uninterrupted.

Practical Tips for the Interview Day

  • Bring Your Own Laptop: It's always better to code on a familiar device. Don't forget adapters and power cables.
  • Start on the Whiteboard: Use it to demonstrate your thought process and problem-solving skills before moving to actual coding.
  • Choose the Right Medium: Depending on the time and your confidence level, decide whether to code on a computer or continue on a whiteboard.
  • Highlight Your Open Source Contributions: If applicable, share your GitHub projects to establish credibility and rapport. But I wouldn't spend time making these kinds of resources because, in my experience, if you have a coding interview, you will be judged on how well you can solve the problem in the room, not on how much code you wrote on the outside.

Timing and Approach

Opt for the coding interview slot when you're freshest. And remember, it's not just about coding on the spot; it's about demonstrating a well-rounded skill set that marries technical expertise with managerial acumen.

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